10 Hikes needed a facelift after their previous design failed to deliver the leads they wanted from their content focused website about the best hikes.

Spreading their love for finding the most amazing hikes around the world,  that's what 10 Hikes built a web platform to help them do within the outdoor enthusiast community. Their goal was simple, give real world reviews, photographs, and local tips to travelers looking to explore Mother Nature's best hikes.


Starting with a basic website allowed them to garner a large traffic volume, but, soon they realized they needed to redesign and optimize their brand and web design to attract and retain the growing audience they were attracting, while catering to users on both desktop and mobile devices all over the world. That's where Maruszak came in.


Working with 10 Hike's goals of building an easier and more visually interesting web experience, we created a completely new appearance for their mobile and desktop website.

+ Branding + Web Design + Typography

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10 Hikes

The Story

Maruszak is a creative studio located in Austin, TX. We love to help businesses large and small find their visual style and attitude. Designing since 2012 - we've got the talent to help you take your business to the next level and even more.